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A common type of wind turbine is a
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine or VAWT. With this specific type of wind turbine, the main propeller is constructed vertically instead of horizontally. At the base of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, all of the operating components for the machine are stored at the base of the massive object. There are also more proven advantages to using this type of wind turbine. The main benefit of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is it’s easy accessibility for repair and maintenance. Because the gear shaft and generator are both stored at the bottom of the turbine, repairs can be made much quicker. Sometimes a wind turbine will have the main components stored at the top of the turbine, making it very difficult to fix.

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (HAWT) vs. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT)

One of the biggest discussions regarding wind turbines is which one produces the best renewable energy results. Almost the opposite of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine. Designed differently than a VAWT, the HAWT is possibly the
most commonly manufactured wind turbine. If you've ever seen a turbine in person, this is the type that you probably saw. Also known as a windmill, the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine has been around for centuries. Used to convert wind into kinetic energy, a HAWT is used to power various renewable energy sources. Unlike a VAWT, the horizontal one has its main operating components located at the top of the huge machine. For obvious reasons, this can make a HAWT very hard to repair if maintenance is necessary.

Build Your Own VAWT

Because a manufactured VAWT is so expensive,
it is possible for you to build your own VAWT. Unbelievably, with the right tools, the process isn't even that complicated. Helping the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine operate, the machines alternator has two rotors that are each approximately 12 inches in diameter. In order for the VAWT to successfully run, each rotor must be fully equipped with 12 Neodymium disk magnets. The magnets have to be 0.6 inches thick and 1.47 inches in diameter.

Inside the two rotors sit 9 separate coils to intensify the machines power. All 9 coils are programmed to operate in a 3-step process. The first phase consists of starting the VAWT. Between each coil lays a fiber glass epoxy that rub together to trigger the start. To build this part of the Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, you need two pieces of 1/16 fiber glass to construct epoxy. Bolted together, power is produced by machine industry screws. If you decide to construct your own Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, it is very important to remember the possible danger that can occur. In order to successfully build a large reusable energy machine, there are many electrical and architectural aspects that need to be perfected.

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Vertical Axis Wind Turbines

Today's world is faced with an unprecedented threat as global warming continues to increase each year. One way to combat global warming is through the use of green energy. Environmentally safe, green energy is better for the environment and is projected to slow the global warming process. One way to produce different forms of clean energy is through the manifestation of wind. By harnessing the natural power producer, our technology allows us to reuse the energy. An obvious strong source of power, wind can generate energy in several different ways. One of the main resources used to collect and store wind energy is through different wind turbines.


A unique machine, a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine can be found easier than you might thinks. One of the best resources for renewable energy equipment is
Tangarie. A woman owned business; Tangarie is one of the industry leaders in distributing Vertical Axis Wind Turbines to different distributors. Tangaire is also a member of the American Wind Energy Association providing schools, homes and businesses with the opportunity to use renewable wind energy.

Producing the GALE Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, the clean energy company is one of the best wind turbine manufacturers in the industry. Available on both the East and West coast, the GALE wind turbine can be purchased in either New Hampshire, Virginia or the state of Washington. A great thing about Tangaire is that they are always looking for new distributors. For more information on becoming a distributor go here. The names of the current distributors are below.

VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)