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Power4Home Review

News of climate change and rising energy costs has prompted scientists, investors, and industrialists to devote their time to developing and marketing sustainable energy sources. One such purported source is Power4Home. Does Power4Home work, or is it a scam?

What Is It?

The Power4Home system is actually based on an eBook and DVD, which details how to create a home renewable energy system with as low a cost as possible. The eBook is written by John Russel, who promises that his methods have allowed him to produce alternative energy to power his own home at just a cost of $200.

The Power4Home system uses a panel that can be made at home, and that produces 18 V of energy and 75 W of electricity, which is enough to charge a large 12 V battery. The system offers two alternatives to producing energy: one through homemade panels, and the other way through homemade windmills that can generate energy. This allows customers to choose the best way to power their home depending on their weather circumstances.

The eBook has a money-back guarantee within 60 days, and promises a full refund. The DVD retails at $47. It comes with bonus eBooks, including one that details how to build a solar furnace.

Is It a Scam?

Various complaints have already been lodged against the Power4Home system. In particular, the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota reveals that the Power4Home system is selling information that is available for free online. According to this Bureau, Power4Home is rated F on an A+ through F scale. It has not honored refunds and some customers have yet to receive their orders.

In some cases, the links that are provided by Power4Home do not work. These links are for products that will help customers build their own solar panels or windmills. These links also go to ClickBank, an affiliate marketing website. In fact, Clickbank has recently suspended Power4Home as a vendor due to violations of terms and conditions. It’s not actually possible to buy the product now even if you wanted to.


According to the official website for Power4Home, John Russel is an experienced electrician who knows of a new pay of producing electricity to help power the home. Russel reportedly has helped people become independent energy producers at a low cost and with very little equipment using the Do-it-Yourself methods outlined in his eBook.


The official website of Power4Home has a blog with many different tips on saving energy. The domain name is registered under GoDaddy.com and Domains by Proxy, LLC.

Social Media

Power4Home has its own Facebook page with 97 Likes. It also has a Twitter page with 385 followers, but no Tweets. There is also an exclusive Facebook page claiming that Power4Home is a scam, which has 4 likes.


According to the website, the two ways to save energy can cut energy costs whether you use solar or wind power. The DVD also promises that the panels or windmill are easy to build and can be finished within one weekend.

Other Reviews

There have been no open and public reviews about Power4Home. Some people have been cautioned on forums to stay away because it is a scam, and because Power4Home has no official address and has not been responding to inquiries by the Better Business Bureau.

Other people encourage potential users to simply look online for tips on how to save energy and make solar panels at home instead of spending money on the Power4Home DVD.

Bottom-line folks.... Don’t buy it. There are better products around. The list below is a good place to start.






November 2008


John Russel


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