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Power4Home Scam

Power4home Pro 2.0

The Power4Home Pro 2.0 is a DIY guide which claims to enable the creation of a domestic solar powered energy system for under $100 with locally sourced materials. John Russel, the electrician who is associated with the concept and the guidebook as the creator, claims that this system could slash conventional power usage and bills up to 80%.

No Longer For Sale

The guide seems to be available on the home website for a discounted price of $47, down from the original $99. However, any attempt to purchase the guide is met with a response from host Clickbank saying that the product is inactive,

no longer available and has been disabled due to limited quantities, offer period and terms of service violation.


Clickbank seems to have terminated its association with the commercial activities of the Power4Home creators. There are several links leading to or from the home website that have been pulled by Clickbank for violation of terms of service.


The Power4Home system seems to have accumulated a largely adverse series of responses from various reviewers and reviewing bodies on the internet. Reviewers with positive feedback tend to be openly promoting the sale of the product. Critics range from people who claim to have bought the product, to consumer watch-bodies who have reported various shortcomings in the commercial dealings of the business.

Rip Off Report

Despite difficulty accessing the full text of Power4Home reviews on this website, there seems to be a strong suggestion of false advertising across the reviews, with as many as 68 complaints. It has been suggested by some related bloggers that attempts may even have been made to bury some of this feedback.


Power4Home is not accredited by Better Business Bureau. There seem to be over 100 complaints recorded on the BBB website with over 90 being addressed in the last year. Specifically, the product has drawn flak for being faulty along with having delivery and advertising issues. The BBB in Minnesota and North Dakota has issued warnings about Power4Home?s claims, pointing out that the information in the DIY guides is available on the internet free. After secret-shopping for the product, the BBB has deemed that the promotional claims are inconsistent with the reality of the product- it has a BBB rating of F (on an A to F scale). Reviewers have also reported having trouble receiving refunds from the company, although the company has responded to most of the complaints by assuring them of delivery or refunds.


This forum has a number of detailed, extensive reports debunking the Power4Home claims. Reviewers point to misleading claims of association with various mainstream and specialist media outlets. Some reviews have also examined the ways in which Power4Home have apparently dealt with the critical reviews, including misleading rebuttals and fraudulent claims of endorsement from specialist media sources.


Reviewers seem sceptical about the Power4Home concept at best. Some forum-users have cited criticisms of Power4Home from consumer monitoring organizations and watch-bodies. Others go on to add the results of their own investigations into the apparent legitimacy of the site and the claims.

Yahoo Answers

Responding to queries about the legitimacy and effectiveness of the Power4Home model and guide, several users have pointed out that the basic premise of building a homemade or up-cycled version of the solar panel is achievable without buying John Russel’s guide. Some reviewers linked the Power4Home system with previous alternative energy scams and referred queries to consumer complaints and consumer advisories issued by monitoring groups about the company. Continued below....






November 2008


John Russel


Red Thumbs Down

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Power4Home Scam

Quick Facts


The domain appears to be approximately four years old, with private registration. There seem to have been other websites registered around the same time bearing similar names, also with private registration.

John Russel

The apparently official website for Power4Home credits one John Russel with the development and authorship of the guides. It claims that he is an electrician and energy consultant with extensive experience in the home energy sphere. There is evidence of communication with jobseekers and unresolved customer complaints from the company bearing this name. Verifying the identity of the author is problematic.