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Hojo Motor Plans

Free Downloads

Websites that have previously offered free downloads of the DIY guides to building the Howard Johnson magnetic motor are no longer available. Several free energy forums and affiliates offer to direct web traffic to a free download link. However, they seem to link back to the websites selling the DIY guide. Some websites offer information on the HoJo motor but stop short of providing a detailed building plan. There are several free promotional videos available that showcase the plans and the end-product but do not offer detailed instructions on making the HoJo motor.



HoJo Motor Plans promise a detailed guide to making a Howard Johnson magnetic motor at home. The HoJo motor is a free energy generating device that the website claims is capable of powering a whole household.

It offers freedom from the commercial power grid and electricity bills. The guide is supposed to be simple enough for any willing person to build a HoJo motor at home from scratch, using materials sourced at any local hardware store for around $100. The guide costs $47 and can be downloaded in an electronic format on order. HoJo Motor Plans offers a 60 day trial period and guarantees a full refund if the customer is not fully satisfied with the plan and resulting machine. The website offers evidence of three US patents relating to the HoJo motor. The website features customer testimonials that offer positive feedback on the DIY guides and the machines built using the blueprints.


Energy by Tesla sells a DIY guide to creating a Tesla power system at home. This system is supposed to be based on a concept that was developed by scientist Nikola Tesla before his death and later allegedly suppressed by government and energy corporations. They promise a device that generates clean, free, continuous energy that can relieve a whole household of its dependence on the power grid. The website insists that Nikola Tesla's invention was kept secret because there was no way to commercialize the power created by this device. The website offers the Tesla generator as an alternative to investment-heavy green energy sources like solar power. At $47, the website sells a detailed guide to building the EnergyByTesla machine at home by using hardware store materials bought for under $100. The guides are available in electronic format; the website offers a number of free additional reading materials on purchase.


Nikola Tesla Secret sells guides to building a free energy device adapted from a secret Tesla invention that could generate endless electricity. The website claims the device can be used to power any domestic electrical device, is portable, and can be put together by a layperson with $100 worth of materials from any local hardware store. Nikola Tesla Secret also offers a full refund and a two-month trial period for customers- as well as discounted additional reading materials on renewable energy. The website claims that 94.9% of their customers have reported user satisfaction. There are also a number of enthusiastic customer testimonials on display. The guides are available in electronic format for $47.



Reviewers offer consistently negative views on the HoJo Motor and Tesla generator guides. They do agree that the scientists who developed these concepts were exceptional but claim that their work was very much in the experimental phase and would need considerable research and development before they could claim success in producing free energy or be condensed into working models that could be attempted by lay people. The HoJo Motor even features on their ‘ripoff report’ section. The review takes apart the technical jargon that the guides are promoted with. Further, there is criticism of the whole free energy model itself that has allegedly been used by schemers to mislead those in search of domestic energy alternatives.

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Hojo Motor Hoax


While there are encouraging, on-going conversations about developments on the free energy device front, reviewers here are equally dismissive of the Hojo Motor and Tesla generator guides. They cite various practical and scientific reasons for their opposition to what the guides claim they can achieve. One such reviewer has even directed an open letter to the creators of these products, denouncing their misappropriation of these technologies as deliberately misleading paying consumers. Some reviewers suggest that these seemingly unrelated vendors have a common origin, indicated by such clues as common IP addresses.

There is a clear absence of customer reviews defending the Hojo Motor and Tesla generator guides with positive, reliable feedback in these particular forums. Neither is there evidence of any clear attempt by the vendors to challenge the accusations made by the critics; the gravity of some such criticisms require a reliable, transparent response urgently if the vendors do not want to be totally discredited.