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Energy By Water

Energy by Water is an e-book that claims that through its professional step-by-step instructions, the reader will be able to build his own 'Water Power' system and generate electricity.


The domain energybywater.com was created on
December 03, 2012 making it a very new product. For detailed information about the website click here.


The website gives no information about the author or creator of this ebook. Nor does it seem to be a joint venture of more than 1 person. It seems like the e-book has no author! In few of the review websites the author is stated to be EnergyByWater Inc.

Product Details

The product is an
e-book and does not come as a published copy. This ebook is a Step-by-Step guide that takes some hours and some spare parts to create a water generator that produces free electricity. Making use of the Perpetual Movement Theory (PMT), the reader can set up his own DIY Energy Production unit. This is done in 3 steps:

  1. A small jump start is required to begin moving your home-based water generator.
  2. Following the fundamental principles of physics i.e. momentum, the system will use its momentum to create a powerful self-sustaining energy 'cycle'.
  3. It produces the energy you need while using hardly any of this energy to power itself.


On ordering the product right now, one will be awarded with two bonuses for free. These bonuses are:


Book Price:
$49. The e-book comes with a 60 Day, Iron-Clad, 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Social Media

There are some fake profiles which on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a few pins on Pinterest.


Some of the reviews of the product can be found here and here. As the product is fairly new there is not a lot of info out there.


Going through my search for the product, it looks pretty much like a worthwhile product to me. However, some of things we don’t like is the fact that the book has no said author, no engineer/scientist whose credentials could be checked etc. The book seems to be a pamphlet and video worth $49 saying what we want to hear about energy generation through easily available source i.e. water. Secondly, all the reviews that I see, although, seem to be in support of the product and are raving about it, they give no specific detail of how to use it or how legit it is. There is no mention of how much watt of power is produced, how much current or voltage etc. Once again the lack of detail and abundance of praise make it seem like a scam, but there is no evidence of this yet.

The reviews are written in the same tone, as though by the same author. They share the same useless information; more praise, less facts and all seem to be re-written versions of each other (same format in bullet points, heading etc). Thirdly, the book is not available on Amazon or any other legit website. Fourthly, there are no customer reviews or feedback available on the website. No testimonials or troubleshooting page whatsoever. The comments are also disabled on the youtube video.

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Energy By Water




December 2012


Energy By Water Inc.


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Energy By Water